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How Would You Invest $6 Billion in Transportation?
Try the Transportation Challenge!
What Are Your Transportation Priorities?

This Envision Silicon Valley Transportation Challenge enables you to tell VTA the revenue generation and spending options you’d prioritize. The only rule for the Challenge is that you can’t spend more than the projected funding available—the rest is up to you!

VTA staff has provided the Board of Directors w (More...)

(Let’s start with Revenue!)
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5 6
Available = $0 Billion
Invested = $0 Billion
Remaining = $0 Billion

Without the 1/2-cent, 30-year sales tax under consideration, no new local funding will be available. Any programs you choose will remain unfunded.


Before you make your investments, please select below whether or not you would support a ½-cent, 30-year Santa Clara County sales tax in 2016 to generate new revenue for the county’s transportation system. Preliminary estimates show that this tax would make $6 billion available (More...)

New Sales Tax
1/2-cent, 30-year
Program Areas

The following program areas are broad categories for transportation investment in Santa Clara County. VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension and Caltrain have their own categories due to their scale.

Select the level of investment you would make in each program area. These investment levels are based on projects that have been studied, are included in long-range transportation plans and have reliable cost estimates.

Don't see your favorite project or a project or area for investment? Want to spend more or less than the options allow? Tell us in the comments how you would invest.

The areas are listed in alphabetical order. Projects are selected from long-range transportation plans or VTA's Project Evaluation because they have been studied and have accurate cost estimates.


VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension Phase II would build a four-station, six-mile extension of BART service to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara. Anticipated funding has been identified for $2.3 billion of the $4.7 billion project. Would you like to:

A $2.4 billion funding gap would prevent this project from being built as designed.


Reduce the projected funding gap to $.9 billion.

$1.5 billion

Close the projected funding gap.

$2.4 billion
As Santa Clara County’s comprehensive transportation planning and funding agency, VTA studies and considers improvements that would make it easier to get around on a bike or on foot. Would you like to:
The bike lane network would remain as-is in some areas, with improvements made by cities and VTA as funding becomes available.
Fund 75 miles of new trails and bike lanes, five new bicycle/pedestrian bridges, and establish bicycle/pedestrian safety education at 175 schools.
$300 million
Fund 170 miles of new trails and bike lanes, 10 new bicycle/pedestrian bridges, and establish bicycle/pedestrian safety education at 250 schools.
$500 million

Caltrain provides commuter rail service between Gilroy and San Francisco. Would you like to:

Improvements would be delayed until federal, local or California Cap and Trade funding could be secured.


Fund station improvements, reliability improvements, and grade separations for safety and efficiency.

$230 million

Fund additional station improvements, reliability improvements, and grade separations for safety and efficiency.

$840 million
County Expressways
The County of Santa Clara, which manages the county’s eight expressways, has developed the Expressway Plan 2040 to increase capacity, enhance operations, address pedestrian and bicycle needs, and improve sound walls and landscaping. Would you like to:
The County Expressways would remain in their current configuration until local or federal funding could be secured.
Fund Tier 1 improvements throughout the Expressway System, such as grade separations and road widening to improve traffic flow.
$1 billion
Fund Tier 1, 2 and 3 improvements in the Expressway Plan, including grade separations, widening, signal timing and safety enhancements for cyclists and pedestrians.
$2 billion
In recent years, federal and state funding for highway improvements has become scarce due to the declining value of gas taxes. Would you like to:
Additional highway improvements and Express Lanes would be built as federal and state funding becomes available.
Fund the construction of some local highway projects. For example, interchanges along US 101, SR 152 enhancements, and auxiliary lanes on SR 85 between SR 237 and El Camino Real.
$800 million
Fund the full construction of the Silicon Valley Express Lanes network on SR 237, SR 85 and US 101, and some highway and interchange improvements.
$2 billion
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems include the technology and equipment that improve the flow of traffic and improve mobility in Santa Clara County, such as signals, loop detectors, cameras and traffic management centers. Would you like to:
Cities and VTA would continue to install Intelligent Transportation Systems improvements based on the availability of federal and state grants or other local funds.
Fund the backlog of arterial improvements to improve traffic flow, such as signal timing throughout the county.
$80 million
Fund half of Santa Clara County’s signal improvement needs, such as loop detectors, traffic management centers and new equipment.
$160 million
Roadway Maintenance
Santa Clara County’s local roads and streets require more than $7 billion in additional funding for repaving and maintenance to bring the entire network up to an acceptable level of quality. Would you like to:
Santa Clara County’s roads and streets will continue to deteriorate unless funding is secured from another source.
Fund 25% of needed maintenance or repaving to bring Santa Clara County roads and streets maintenance to an acceptable level.
$1 billion
Fund half of needed maintenance or repaving to bring Santa Clara County roads and streets maintenance to an acceptable level.
$2 billion
Service Improvements for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities
VTA provides paratransit service for seniors and disabled people through its Outreach, bus and light rail services. In addition to the Transit Capital and Operating investments described below, VTA has identified investments that would make the transit experience more comfortable and offer an improved and expanded paratransit fleet. Would you like to:
VTA would improve bus stop access for disabled customers and replace paratransit vehicles to the extent possible with current funding.
Replace and expand the paratransit vehicle fleet and improve senior disabled access at bus stops.
$25 million
Improve bus stops, fund innovative transportation services for seniors and disabled people, and replace and expand the paratransit vehicle fleet.
$150 million
Transit Capital
VTA has included more than $7.5 billion in Transit Capital projects in our Valley Transportation Plan 2040, including several Bus Rapid Transit projects and light rail extensions to offer faster, more frequent and more reliable service. Cities have since identified further potential investments. Would you like to:
Currently allocated funding will be used to build all approved and funded projects, but other planned projects will be delayed until funded. Costs will increase with time.
Fund light rail expansions, station improvements, and other rapid transit enhancements.
$500 million
Fund light rail expansions, station improvements, and additional rapid transit improvements.
$1 billion
Transit Service
VTA’s transit service currently carries about 140,000 people per day throughout Santa Clara County, including 42 miles of light rail track and 1,200 miles of Local, Limited, Express and Rapid bus routes. Would you like to:
VTA would continue to offer the service approved by the VTA Board of Directors in the two-year Transit Service Plan.
Expand core bus service for the next 30 years. Offer 15-minute frequency on weekdays during peak and midday hours and 30-minute frequency on weekends.
$500 million
Aggressively expand core bus service for the next 30 years. Offer 10-minute frequency on weekdays during peak and midday hours and 15-minute frequency on weekends.
$2.14 billion
You currently have $ left in your budget. Please invest this remaining money in one of the programs describe above. Select from the following pull-down menu:

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