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Welcome to the Envision Silicon Valley interactive website, brought to you by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

This online tool and microsite provides up-to-date information about Envision Silicon Valley as well as a survey and citizen’s budget tool. Your participation in these activities will help VTA examine the trade-offs between new revenues, spending options, and key metrics in order to prepare our community to invest in transportation.

VTA staff has provided the Board of Directors with a recommendation about a potential 2016 transportation ballot measure based on more than a year of public and stakeholder input. Please  view the recommendation (in English) and then use the Transportation Challenge to share how you would invest $6 billion in transportation. participate

VTA’s Envision Silicon Valley effort takes a close look at Santa Clara County’s transportation needs to prepare for a potential 2016 transportation sales tax ballot measure. VTA will look at multiple potential revenue sources and projects representing all modes of transportation—transit, local roads, pavement, highways and active transportation.

Currently, this site features a survey asking you about transportation goals and priorities in your community. And in the Fall, we will feature a budget tool allowing you to select which transportation investments you would like to see funded. Please sign up below and help create better transportation solutions for Silicon Valley.